Event Information

I-HoP : Empowering Self Introduction to cultivate careers of researchers (2/22)

Transferable Skills Seminar, “Empowering Self Introduction to cultivate careers of researchers”

■ Outline
Revealing mystery in the world is so fascinating and no one can stop researchers’ curiosity.
Their passion to approach unsolved issues and to develop creative and unique solutions has the potential to change the world in and out of the lab. For researchers to cultivate a passionate and inspiring career, it is necessary to be understood who you are and what you want to achieve by future career partners. This seminar will give you the opportunity to think about what is a powerful self introduction for researchers that leads your career in both
academic and industrial scenes.

Group work is planned for this seminar. We look forward to welcoming students who can actively participate in the work during the seminar. (Camera and microphone must be turned on)

■ Lecturer
Izumi Dateyama PhD(Biological Sciences)/Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.
Born and raised in Japan, she studied in the US and graduated from Lee
University with BAS. After working for a company in Japan for a few
years, she entered Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST)
and earned a PhD in Biological Sciences. While she was in the graduate
program, she faced difficulties in the career design of international
friends. To maximize the value of studying abroad, she is challenging to
develop career of international researchers.

Teaching Assistant:
Takumi Jindo PhD(Engineering)/Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.
Dr.Jindo earned PhD in engineering at Yokohama National University and
served as a faculty member of Materials Science and Engineering, Tokyo
Institute of Technology, and an assistant professor at the Yokohama
National University. Since joining Leave a Nest in 2019, has supported
technology based startups in Southeast Asia, and has been encouraging researchers to develop global careers through training programs.

Teaching Assistant:
Joemel Sumbing PhD(Engineering)/Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.
Dr. Sumbing graduated from Yokohama National University in March
2021 majoring in Civil-Coastal Engineering. During his stay in the
university, he was a teaching assistant with the International Strategy
Organization – YNU, in which he does cultural exchange lectures with
university and high school students. He joined Leave-a-nest in October
2021 and was already involved in some educational and research

■ Seminar date and time
2022/2/22 (Tue.) 15:00-17:00

■ Place
Online (Zoom)

■ Target
Hokkaido University graduate school students and postdocs

■ Application
By 2/15 (Wed.) 16:00

■ Maximum number of participants

Up to 30 people may participate. If there are more applicants, selection will be made on a first-come, first-served basis in the following order.
1. Doctoral course students
2. Postdocs
3. Master’s course students

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Click on the following banner, then click “Apply” on the bottom of the page.

*You need to be registered on Hi-System in advance.
If you are not, please go to Hi-System page in Front Office for Human Resource Education and Development homepage and register in Hi-System.
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