◆ Outline of Hi-System
  ● Hi-System is a website for registered members where doctoral course students and young researchers and private companies can communicate with each other. The website was created in order to help doctoral course students and postdoctoral researchers at Hokkaido University to be active in society. Doctoral course students and researchers can use the “My Page” feature for self-promotion by listing information on their skills and/or research seeds, and companies can inform researchers of their corporate research activities as well as their needs for doctoral course students and researchers and research skills. It is a site for mutual communication.
  ● Hi-System also aims at reforming the systems, environment and management of the research conducted at Hokkaido University toward improving the university’s global competitiveness. In light of this, a database is compiled by using information on the seeds and needs for research collected on and off campus, as well as information on researchers, research institutes and companies. Use of the website and the database will help to facilitate collaboration between the university and domestic/foreign companies, and global development to trigger innovation.

◆ Major Features
1. Features available to doctoral course students and postdoctoral researchers
  (1) Register a self-promotion form.
  (2) Search for and access the information forms of companies that state their hopes and needs for doctoral course students and postdoctoral researchers.
  (3) Access information on job opportunities for doctoral course students and postdoctoral researchers.
  (4) Search for and access information/data provided by the Center for Advanced Human Resource Education and Development.

2. Features available to companies
  (1) Register a corporate information form.
  (2) Search for and access self-promotion forms of doctoral course students and postdoctoral researchers interested in corporate research.

3. Other features available to postdoctoral researchers and companies
  (1) SNS, for facilitating communication between doctoral course students and postdoctoral researchers and companies on the website
  (2) “My Page,” for efficient use of the above-mentioned features

◆ Registration Procedure

  1. Click the Hi-System logo below to access the login screen.
  2. Confirm the exact registration method on screen, because the registration method varies  
    depending on the researcher’s laboratory and position.
    For registration by a company, click “Here” in the text for corporate registration.
  3. Complete the form and click the “Register” button. The Administration Bureau will e-mail you
    acceptance of registration after confirming the content of the form.
    Hi-System features will be available to you after you’ve received an e-mail containing an ID.
    Please contact the Administration Bureau at hi-system=synfoster.hokudai.ac.jp in the event that     you do not receive an e-mail informing you of acceptance and an ID within one week after you  
    send an application for registration. (Please replace the “=” in the address above with “@”.)

◆ Eligible students and researchers
  Graduate students in the master’s and doctoral programs (MC and DC students) and postdoctoral fellows (PDs) at Hokkaido University are eligible to register for Hi-System.
  Students in their 5th or 6th year at the School of Medicine, the School of Dental Medicine, the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy, and the School of Veterinary Medicine are eligible for registration, too.

  * Hokkaido University graduates within 5 years after graduation (Doctoral Course) can register in Hi-System. (Please register as company if you are employed and a Hokkaido University graduate.)
  * Specially appointed assistant professor who wishes to work at industries can register as a researcher. However, please contact us before registration. (If you are not looking for an employment at industries, please register as an academic staff.)
Please refer to Help page for registration instructions.
  * If you are not eligible to register, but wish to register, please send message with your information (e.g. graduate school, division, supervisor and contact information) to Hi-System administrator. We will consider your register in Hi-System and get back to you.

◆ Restrictions on Use
 All the services provided by Hi-System to researchers are available to DC students and PDs at Hokkaido University.
 MC students at Hokkaido University can search and view information on companies and job postings, but cannot create PR sheet on Hi-System. PR sheet function is for DC students and PDs only.