About S-cubic

What is S-cubic ?

In 2006, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology of Japan (MEXT) established “The Project to Promote Diversification of Career Paths for Science and Technology-related Human Resources” and began to provide support services to help doctorate degree holders with highly professional knowledge, proceed to various areas of society where they can develop their specialties alongside the universities’ research institutes.
Hokkaido University adopted “Social activity promotion plans for basic science graduates” promoted by MEXT. (From FY2006 to FY2008) This project, entrusted by MEXT and aligned with Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) is aiming to promote diversification of the career paths for excellent human resources like postdoctoral researchers with doctoral degrees (PD) and doctoral students (DC) in science and technology. Hokkaido University mainly supports PD and DC in basic science area, and established Superior Skill Station of basic science called “S-cubic” as an organization in Graduate School of Science, currently situated in the Front Office for Human Resource Education and Development Department located in the Administration Bureau New Annex 4th floor.
S-cubic supports the young researchers from all areas like science, life-science, engineering, agriculture, electronic-science, etc. to have various career paths in various sectors of society. We wish your understanding and cooperation for this project.

The S-cubic’s “Social activity promotion plans for basic science graduates” at Hokkaido University, has been acclaimed and recognized as a plan that deserves to be pursued.

Background of the birth of S-cubic

Currently, some of the intentions stated by Hokkaido University are to produce notable results from forefront researches as well as raise future leaders in the science field. This drives us to both research and educate. Various fields in the industrial world have progressed in globalization, and Japan strives to be the front-runner of each field. Because of this trend, companies in the industrial world have raised their expectations towards the doctorate degree holders for solutions. However, the current situation is that even though the need for doctorate degree holders is quickly rising, they are not proceeding into the industrial world as expected. It is obvious now that there are structural problems affecting the mindset of PD and DC. Leaders of research teams have similar mindsets. On top of that, information on job openings and the required qualifications are lacking from the companies, as well as not being readily available to PD and DC. The PD and DC with their forefront scientific knowledge and technology, along with excellent leadership skills, are expected to advance society, including the business world. Therefore, there needs to be a system to support them to take the leadership where and when opportunities arise in society.
For these reasons, Hokkaido University established “S-cubic” which carries out programs for supporting young researchers stated below:

For these reasons, Hokkaido University established “S-cubic”
・Meetings for Corporations and Researchers (Akaiito-Kai)
・Curriculum to develop abilities to work with companies (Advanced COSA)
・Program in which researchers consider their career choices (Seminars & Programs)
・Career Counseling Center (J-window)
・Interactive Closed(registration required) Web System for information exchange (Hi-System)
・Support for Career Research

S-cubic programs

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キャリアマネジメントセミナー (Career Management Seminar)
キャリアパス多様化支援セミナー (Career Path Diversification Seminar)
Advanced COSA
赤い糸会 (Akaiito-Kai)
企業事業所視察 (Company/R&D Office Visit)
インターンシップ (Internship)


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