For students

QuestioWho can use S-cubic? Can alumni participate?

AnswerYes, alumni can participate, but it is for doctoral degree holders and graduates in the past five years. We respond to you individually, so please send us your lab information. (name of graduate school, major, supervising professor, contact information)

QuestioI would like to take Advanced COSA classes, etc. How can I register?

AnswerSLog in to “Hi-System” from “the Advanced COSA “「Event Guide」(Japanese only) page of the S-cubic homepage. Apply from “event registration”. (Registration to Hi-System is necessary.)

QuestioI would like to join Akaiito-Kai. How can I do that?

AnswerLog in to “Hi-System” from the Akaiito-Kai 「Event Guide」(Japanese only) page of the S-cubic homepage. Apply from “event registration”. (Registration to Hi-System is necessary.) Please understand that if there are too many registrations, we may select participants.

QuestioI would like to ask about getting a job at corporations. What should I do?

AnswerPlease come to the J-window front desk. (Administration Bureau New Annex) Front desk staff will listen to your case and give proper advice to you.

For company representatives

QuestioI would like to meet scientists face to face, what should I do?

AnswerPlease contact S-cubic office with information on the scientists of interest. S-cubic staff will contact the scientists and inform you what to do

QuestioI would like to participate in Akaiito-Kai. What should I do?

AnswerPlease send an email to S-cubic office. At that time, please provide us with the name of the company, person in charge, telephone number, and your email address.

About Hi-System

QuestioI enrolled in C-net. Is Hi-System available?

AnswerC-net was closed at the end of June, 2011 and was replaced by a new WEB system “Hi-System”. C-net registrants can use Hi-System successively. In addition with the change, you have been sent a new login ID and password of Hi-System in July, 2011.

QuestioCan I create or search for the profile sheets, without Hi-System registration?

AnswerCBefore Hi-System registration, you can neither create nor search for the profile sheets. After the registration, you can use them all.

QuestioI forgot my Hi-System ID and a password. What should I do?

AnswerPlease apply from a form of Hi-System『the person forgot ID or a password』(Japanese only). We will send a login ID and a password to your registered e-mail address. The details are shown atcommon questions (FAQ) of Hi-System(Japanese only).