Career Consultation

Online Individual Career Consultation Service

I-HoP offers online individual career counseling for international students.
Individual career consultation in English or Japanese is a privilege of the international graduate school students (MC, DC) and post-doctors of Hokkaido University, which is provided free.

You will be able to discuss anything about your career with the consultants during 1-hour consultation.
Please send us the request by email if you would like to take advantage of the service.
If you have already taken the session and would like to take the continuous sessions, also feel free to contact us.

How to use the service

Mail to “” with the following information.
1. Full name

2. Student/staff ID

3. Affiliation and grade (ex: Graduate school of Engineering D3)

4. Language: English/Japanese

5. Regarding your career, are you mainly interested in :
-Working in Japan or other countries? (or both of them?)
-Academic position or industry? (or both of them?)
*If you would like to discuss a wide range of career options, please let us know.

Advisors and faculty members with specialized training are available for consultation topics.

If you have any questions about individual consultations, please feel free to contact us.
Please do not worry alone.

[For inquiries]
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Center for Advanced Human Resource Education and Development,
Hokkaido University
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