The “Flexible System for Researchers” of the Creative Research Institution

 “We want young researchers who have taken doctoral degrees to direct their attention to researching at private corporations as well as in academia, so as to fully apply your abilities in society. ” Toward this, the Superior Skill Station (S-cubic and I-HoP) has been formulating and managing various programs and systems.
 In addition, the Superior Skill Station (L-Station), has accepted candidates from all over the world under at tenure-track system that provides tenured positions and promotes the development of new leaders by providing young researchers who have passed the fair and rigorous screening process with an independent research environment for five years, and also by promoting the leader-training program in which they are required to participate.
 Young doctors, it is your own initiative that enables you to obtain employment that suits you. Therefore, actively utilize these systems and expand your scope of activities.

We strongly encourage you to cultivate your potential as a doctor based on your own initiative.