Advanced COSA


※This seminar will be conducted in Japanese only.

Course Title
1. Inter-Graduate School Classes (Open to all the faculties /schools)
Step-up career education (Ⅰ)(Ⅱ) for graduate students of science and engineering field – Advanced COSA(1), (2) –

2. Graduate School of Life Science Specialized Subject (Advanced)
Step-up career education (Ⅰ)(Ⅱ) for graduate students of science and engineering field (Advanced COSA(1),(2))

3. Graduate School of Fisheries Sciences Inter-Graduate School Classes (Master Course)
Step-up career education (Ⅰ)(Ⅱ)
*Please refer to Syllabus for details

Advanced COSA: Course of Science Administration
Guest speakers, with top level corporate research experience (head of research institutes, etc.), are speaking on how doctoral studies and research are applied to corporation’s research and activities, and on what the corporations are expecting from post doctoral researchers and doctoral students with actual case studies. The speakers have abundant hands on experiences on how researchers of basic science are working for corporation’s research institutes, and have a deeper understanding on how research is supposed to be done. They are currently involved in company’s research. The purpose of this lecture is for the doctoral researchers and graduate students to deepen their understanding on what the current status of company’s research is, whether at school or corporation, and to realize the importance of what they can do as basic science researchers with broad perspectives.
Since 2008, young or junior researchers have been included as guest speakers.

The content of lectures
Each top-level corporate employee from private research institutes gives two 60-minute long lectures. The first lecture is on the research and development (R&D), and the second lecture is on characteristics and uniqueness of company’s research activities, and on research management with specific examples. They introduce real life success stories in detail with products or technology developments: beginning from research ideas to applied research methods like research scheduling, manufacturing, product design, marketing, and sales strategy. Lectures are formatted like a workshop where anyone can raise questions or suggestions. Please get involved in these inter-active discussions on real business situations.

Who can take the courses?
Post-doctoral researchers and doctoral students including graduate students can take the courses. Whether you want course credits or not, you need to register for the courses first. Furthermore, if you want credits, please apply for them in your departmental office (Academic Affairs at Graduate School).