I-HoP(Hokudai International Human Resource Development Program)

Dear International Students and Researchers,

What kind of career do you plan to pursue after completing your studies at Hokkaido University? Some of you want to find a job in Japan, some of you want to go back to your home country, and some of you want to develop your career in another country.
Every day you spend in graduate school is busy with research and life, and you may not have much time to think about your future, but it is important to keep in mind what you will do after completing your studies at Hokkaido University right from the moment you enter. By doing so, you will be able to steadily build up the necessary steps early on in your studies, making your university life more fulfilling and greatly expanding the range of your career choices.

Those who want to find a job in Japan must know that there is a job hunting season and it starts very early in Japan, and that the job application deadline of the company which you like may have already passed when you want to make an application. Please start job searching early in order to find an ideal job.

Hokudai International Human Resource Development Program (I-HoP) provides programs in English for supporting the career development of young international researchers (doctoral students and postdocs) at Hokkaido University. Please actively utilize the programs to improve your skills and fly out of Hokkaido University to Japan and the world.

1. Holding seminars to improve transferable research capabilities
2. Providing opportunities for interactions with researchers working in society as well as Japanese companies
3. Individual career consultation
4. Japanese language learning support
5. Various surveys for supporting the careers of young international researchers

Also, if you would like to receive personal career advice or information, please feel free to contact the I-HoP by e-mail.
We wish you a fulfilling student life and hope that you will be able to choose your desired career path.