News Letter

International Hopefuls #53

International Hopefuls
Issue 53
February, 2019

1. Memo from the Professor

My dear International Students and Researchers,

It took me six months to start writing this monthly newsletter after establishing I-HoP back in 2014. Because my term at Hokkaido University will end in March, the next issue (No. 54) will be the last International Hopefuls that I issue. Although it was not intentional, name of this newsletter can be abbreviated as I(nternational)-HoP(efuls), and I have been enjoying writing to you all on whatever is beneficial for your career development.
Although we have held many seminars, workshops and events related to your career development in the past five years, the most essential service that I-HoP provides is the individual Career Counseling for international students and researchers in English or Japanese. This service will be continued next fiscal year and I may be able to support Assistant Professor Ms. Maejo by providing the counseling service via Skype or in person.
Career Counseling is a service that you can take whenever you feel like talking with someone whom you can trust on your career. Both I and Ms Maejo are the certified career consultant which owes confidentiality obligation. Not only learning the Japanese recruiting process or finding open positions for international students, but you can come and talk with us if you want to find yourself, discuss options for your future career, or whatever is related to your career life. If you want to make an appointment, feel free to send a message entitled “Career Counseling Request” to “”. We will make an appointment for one hour with you.

2. Important news on Japanese E-learning

As was reported in the last issue, we have closed the last call for application for ALC NetAcademy 2 Japanese E-Learning. Those who have registered, please make your effort to fully utilize this on-line education service until January, 2020.
Another registration for JSST, oral Japanese communication skills test by using your own telephone was also closed with 20 applicants. Due to our budget restriction, we will no longer be able to host this testing. If you are interested in having a private Japanese lesson by using on-line tools, use of “ALC Online Japanese School (” may be an option. Although I-HoP will no longer be able to support your Japanese learning financially, we may disseminate information on recommended Japanese learning services.

3. Entry Sheet Preparation

Official job-hunting (SHU-KATSU) season for undergraduate and master course students will start on March 1 with on-campus corporate seminar which is based on the guideline of recruiting, that is mutually agreed between companies and universities.
Companies trying to capture talented PhD students have been actively hiring since last autumn because this activity does not violate the guideline. The first official screening process that you will encounter with is the “Entry Sheet”. This web-based data entry process is the first gateway for your employment application to your target company.
Although most of the companies require entries in Japanese, this seminar will explain the contents in English. Proper representation of yourself onto this document will lead to the next recruiting process which is interview. Learn from the expert who has long been supporting international students trying to enter Japanese companies what the companies expect from the applicant and how best you describe yourself on this Entry Sheet.

Date: Thursday, February 21, 2019
Time: 15:00 – 16:30
Venue: Mid Campus Open Laboratory #1 (I-HoP Conference Room)
Language: English

To register, please visit and use “Apply” button in the bottom.

4. Quick help for job seekers

Some of you may come close to your graduation. In Japan, unlike any other part of the world, you need to start your job hunting 12 months before your graduation which I have been communicating to you. Nevertheless, some international students still come to our Career Counseling a few weeks before their graduation. One thing I need to remind all of the international students is “Your student Visa will be void upon your graduation, even if it is valid for some extended period”. You have to report to the immigration office as soon as your status is changed, and the graduation definitely is a change of status.
If your economic situation allows you to prolong your stay in Japan, you may apply for extending the staying permission for 6 months for job hunting. Because the type of visa and application for your work permission is closely related, discuss with your administration office staff, officers of immigration services, or I-HoP Career Counseling before graduation.