News Letter

International Hopefuls #54

International Hopefuls
Issue 54
March, 2019

1. Memo from the Professor

My dear International Students and Researchers,

It took me too much longer than usual to release this LAST issue of the International Hopefuls. A new assistant professor will be on-board on April 1 whose name will be announced later. Although I will be leaving Sapporo in April, I will continue to support I-HoP as a visiting professor. I will be an independent contractor with my own private business that will support career development of international students in the graduate schools in Japan. Because my place of business will be in Tokyo, I hope to provide useful information on the career events, matching opportunities or seminars for the international students more often to the international students and researchers of Hokkaido University. You may consider that I-HoP will have a Tokyo branch office in April.

My new contract with Hokkaido University will include, but not limited to, provision of career counseling in English/Japanese in person (by appointment for one week per each month at Sapporo), or by Skype (by appointment, any time of the month), or by email (anytime). Feel free to contact for appointment or ask any questions related to your career development. Messages received at this email address is only viewed by me and the new assistant professor.

Lastly, but not of the least, I will continue to provide a chapter of the “International Hopefuls+” which will be issued monthly from April.

2. Free Video Lecture for SHUKATSU

If you need to learn how to conduct interview for recruitment in Japan, free video clip has been posted by JAPI, Japan Association for Promotion of Internationalization, which is providing useful supports for international students. The video is provided only in Japanese. If you are interested, I-HoP provides mock interview lesson as a part of the career counseling. You can make appointment with I-HoP for such a purpose as well.

Video Clip for Interview:

3. The Report “Employment and Utilization of Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals in Hokkaido”

Hokkaido Bureau of Economy, Trade and industry (METI Hokkaido) has released the subject report on the web which can be accessed from the following link:

The pdf file contains English translation of its major contents with which you may understand how highly-skilled international talents are contributing to the local Hokkaido companies.