News Letter

News Letter – International Hopefuls+ #1

International Hopefuls +
Issue 1
May 7, 2019

1. Greetings

This is Mariko Katagaki, specially appointed assistant professor in I-HoP.
I just started this position here this April and I am very excited to support international students and researchers’career in Hokkaido University.

Let me introduce myself a little.
I have worked in Hokkaido University as an administrative staff over the past 8 years, at Faculty of Engineering, Office of International Affairs (former name) and Northern Campus Joint Administration. I have had the opportunity to work with many students and staff from Japan and abroad.
However this is my first time working as an academic staff and I would like to put my CDA (Career Development Adviser) skills to help as many people possible to achieve their career goals.
I will do my best to help and encourage you to make your days memorable in Hokudai. If you have any questions or discussions, feel free to contact me.

2. Our new approach

From this April I-HoP is planning to focus on supporting your Japanese Language skills.
Some new approach will be started shortly, do not miss our information! Stay tuned!!

3. Memo from the Visiting Professor

My dear International Students and Researchers,

Those who joined with Hokkaido University in April, welcome onboard. This is visiting professor Yoshichika Iida. Like most of the readers of this newsletter, I have started a new stage of my life after spending exciting and fruitful five years with Hokkaido University as the founder of I-HoP. I have moved my primary place of business from Sapporo to Tokyo where I originally came from to start my own business as an independent contractor, and started to visit Sapporo one week per each month. During my stay in Sapporo, I use the same old desk and PC at the I-HoP office, so nothing in surface has been changed. A difference in my own perspective is a balance between subjective and objective observation of workplace, Hokkaido University. Spending three quarters of my time in Tokyo and started to develop new relationships with business and social community, it is imperative that my observation of “used to be one and only place of work” be somewhat objective. Having multiple viewpoint of your surrounding and situation and stay objective is essential skill for pursuing your career as well. You are the citizen of your home country, a student of Hokkaido University, a PhD candidate or researcher of your subject matter expertise, a resident of Sapporo city, and may be a member of your cultural activities. When you face with a company or a job opportunity and are requested to present your value proposition, consider from multiple viewpoints and create a unique combination of a few key elements that no one else would be comparative.

4. Tokyo Summer Career Forum 2019 (June 29th and 30th)

If you are comfortable with Japanese and English conversation, and want to learn about Japanese companies who are willing to employ bilingual staff, come to Tokyo Big Site on June 29 and 30 (travel expense will be on you). This is an event organized by DISCO, a job matching agent and is experienced with dealing with bilingual individuals. Registration is free but is required and access the following for further information:
If you need a help in Tokyo during the event, contact prof. Iida at before June 21 so that he will provide a face-to-face consultation in Sapporo from June 25 through 28. He will be back to Tokyo on 28 to assist you during the event.