News Letter

News Letter – International Hopefuls+ #12

International hopefuls+
Issue 12
March 25, 2020

Message from IHoP (by Mariko Katagaki)

The FY 2019 is almost over. For some of you, it is a day of cerebration since you will be graduating.
Even if ceremonies might be canceled due to the risk of the coronavirus (COVID-19), congratulations on your graduation!
How was your time at Hokkaido University? I guess you were pretty busy with your research and dairy life.
I hope you will remember the university days as one of your happy memories in the future.
Again, congratulations on your graduation! Wishing you a successful future.

For remaining students, we are facing difficult days as you know and we have to change our behavior to protect ourselves and our family, friends and colleagues.
However, I-HoP will keep supporting students’career development over the next faculty year.
I will improve the program and once the schedule is fixed, I will inform you. Pay close attention to future update emails from I-HoP!
Take care and keep safe.