News Letter

News Letter – International hopefuls ’20 #1

International hopefuls ’20
Issue 1
April 30, 2020

The new faculty year has started. I hope all of you are in good health.
I-HoP has improved the career consulting support from this April, especially for DC students and PDs who want to find a job in Japan, in addition to the ongoing career counseling service for MC, DC & PDs.

To apply for the company recruitment, in most cases you will be required to submit an “Entry Sheet (ES)” first. The format will be different for each company.
Be aware that even if the form may look simple, it’s better to write after putting in a lot of thought into it. This is usually the first document that the company will look at. First impressions are important, and you need to make sure to pass this screening.
To write an ES, self-analysis is very important so that you can write an original storyline that will lead to your reason for application.

The company which receives the ES will compare your application with others. If you write a typical and vague reason for applying, they cannot distinguish whether you are suitable for the company or not. It means that you will not stand out, and will not be noticed, thus reducing your chances of being hired. The logical storyline and evidence about “Why you choose this company” and “Why the company should hire you” will be required.

I-HoP supports your self-analysis process, ES brushing up, preparation for an interview and offering an ONLINE individual career consultation. Please contact I-HoP ( by email for more details.