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I-HoP:Job hunting in Japan from A to Z for international Ph.D. students

Transferable Skills Seminar
Job hunting in Japan from A to Z for international Ph.D. students

This seminar is for the Ph.D. students who are interested in working Japanese industry.
Have you ever heard of “Entry-sheet”? It is something you fill out when applying to Japanese companies as a new graduate.

This seminar will provide you the basic and comprehensive understanding of Japanese hiring environment surrounding international Ph.D. students and the tips to manage the “Entry-sheet”.

■ Contents

– Typical Japanese employment habit and HR development policy.

– Unique hiring system in Japan: New graduate and mid-career recruitment

– Why the companies require Japanese proficiency.

– Job-hunting process for Ph.D. students in Japan—timeline and procedures

– What is the “Entry-sheet”? How do you fill it out?

– Effective writing for motivation/reason of application

■ Lecturer

Mr. Tomonori FUKASAWA

Emerging Technologies Corporation

Tomonori FUKASAWA developed the Emerging Technologies Corporation and led it as the president to support career development specifically for Ph.D. students/postdocs/researchers. He and his company support matching those who are exploring career paths in industries with companies. They have a broad network of companies that are eager to fully utilize their excellent capacity for research and development.

He has made efforts to develop original career support service including “Ph.D. AGENT” and “Ph.D.-engine wakate” all together with 7500+ users. He is also currently engaged in a project by universities as well as MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) on career advice including internship, job search and one-to-one career consultation for Ph.D. students/postdocs/researchers. He has been active in pursuing the cultivation of human resources for high-skilled people with a holistic insight involving industry-academic-government.

■ Seminar date

9/27(Tue.) 14:30-17:00 Online (Zoom)

■ Target
DC, PD and MC

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