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I-HoP : Empowering Self Introduction to cultivate careers of researchers (11/1)

Transferable Skills Seminar -I-HoP : Empowering Self Introduction to cultivate careers of researchers (11/1)-

For this Transferable Skills Seminar, “Empowering Self Introduction to cultivate careers of researchers”, we are looking forward to receiving applications from students who can actively participate in the work during the seminar.

■ Outline
Revealing mystery in the world is so fascinating and no one can stop researchers’ curiosity. Researchers’ passion to approach unsolved issues and to develop creative and unique solutions has the potential to change the world in and out of the lab. For those who want to cultivate a passionate and inspiring career, it is necessary to be understood who you are and what you want to achieve by future counter partners including people in industry, academics and collaborators. This seminar will give you the opportunity to think about what is a powerful self introduction for researchers that leads your career in both academic and industrial scenes.
This workshop involves group work. Please attend with camera and microphone on and participate actively.

■ Lecturer:
Izumi Dateyama PhD(Biological Sciences)/Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.
Born and raised in Japan, she studied in the US and graduated from Lee University with BAS. After working for a company in Japan for a few years, she entered Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) and earned a PhD in Biological Sciences. While she was in the graduate
program, she faced difficulties in the career design of international friends. To maximize the value of studying abroad, she is challenging the development of international researchers.

■ Teaching Assistants:
Yevgeny Aster Dulla/Leave a Nest Philippines, Inc.
Yev earned his PhD(Neuropharmacology, Immunopharmacology) in Kumamoto University, Japan. He has a keen interest in science communication, as well as biotech start-ups and business in general. He is currently working in Japan to ignite the passion for science not just in kids, but for the general population as well. He is also aiming to use science and technology to accelerate the development of his home country as the Managing Director for Leave a Nest’s subsidiary in the Philippines.

Suzianti Iskandar Vijaya/Leave a Nest Malaysia Sdn.Bhd.
Suzy was the Monbukagakusho (MEXT) scholarship recipient for her Ph.D. study at Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan (2018). Her research focuses on molecular genetics, plant microbiology, and biomaterial research. Her deep interest in agriculture R&D drives her to challenge herself in solving problems towards advancing technology in Malaysia’s agriculture sector.

Ying Hui Loo “Mango” /Leave a Nest Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Mango got her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from University of Queensland. She took on an engineering role at a hard disk firm in Singapore to widen her experience and get exposure for 2 years. She completed her postgraduate degree in total organic synthesis and catalysis from University of Hong Kong. Having studied in 3 different countries, she was exposed to a diverse group of people with very different views. She has learned to interact and gain new perspectives through this experience and help increase her ability to better relate to others.

■ Seminar date
2022/11/1 (Tue.) 15:30-17:00 online(zoom)

■ Language

■ Target
Hokkaido University international graduate school students and postdocs (DC, PD and MC)

■ Registration
By 10/26 (Wed.) 16:00

■ Maximum number of participants
Up to 30 people may participate. If there are more applicants, selection will be made on a first-come, first-served basis in the following order.
1. Doctoral course students
2. Postdocs
3. Master’s course students

■How to apply from Hi-System
Click on the following banner, then click “Apply” on the bottom of the page.

*You need to be registered on Hi-System in advance.
If you are not, please go to Hi-System page in Front Office for Human Resource Education and Development homepage and register in Hi-System.
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