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I-HoP:Creating Effective Poster Presentations (11/15 Live from the USA)

Transferable Skills Seminar -I-HoP:Creating Effective Poster Presentations (11/15 Live from the USA)-

This seminar aims to provide practical techniques on how to create an attractive poster and to make a successful presentation at academic conferences.
Bring your own posters for hands-on advises and trainings by the experienced researcher and poster presentation professional.

■ Contents
– An effective poster is a visual communication tool.
– What is the one thing you want your audience to learn?
– Make your message accessible to a diverse audience.
– An effective abstract is your first opportunity to hone your message.
– Creating an effective poster requires planning, art, science, and attention to detail.
– Use the graphics on your poster to support conversations with colleagues.

■ Lecturer:
Dr. George Hess
Professor, NC State University
Department of Forestry & Environmental Resources

George Hess is a Professor of Forestry and Environmental Resources who focuses on conserving plants and animals in growing US cities. He does this in part by teaching classes in which students work on current problems with organizations engaged in this kind of conservation. In that way the students learn to work in a professional environment and also contribute to local conservation activities. Hess grew up in New York City, was a software engineer for 9 years, and then went back to school and changed careers to become more involved in environmental and conservation challenges. You can find his full curriculum vitae and lots of other information at go.ncsu.edu/GeorgeHess

■ Seminar date
11/15(Tue.) 9:00-noon Online (Zoom)

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■ Target
Hokkaido University DC and PD (Current students and postdocs only)

■ Registration
By 11/8 (Tue.) 16:00

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