Event Information

I-HoP:Business Communication and Japanese Manners (2/12)

This transferable skills seminar is targeted to researchers (MC, DC, and PD).
The seminar will be conducted in English.
I-HoP will invite 3 lecturers from JAPAN AIRLINES and hold a seminar in English regarding Japanese Business Communication and Manners.
It is aiming to be useful for the preparation for job hunting in Japan.

■ Outline
The lecture will be understanding the difference of cultures and communications among several countries.
After learning the essence of Japanese communication, you will be able to know and experience the business manners which will be useful in Japan.

-Opening (Self introduction)
-Overview of Intercultural Communication
-About Japanese culture
-Japanese business manner (Practice including)
– Summary

■ Lecturers:
Ms. Kyoko Uchida
Ms. Mari Okajima
and Ms. Tomoyo Ishida

PROFILE:Ms. Kyoko Uchida

Joined JAPAN AIRLINES as a Cabin Attendant in 1991.
Appointed to Instructor of Inflight Service for Trainee at the Training center.
Worked at Safety Department to improve inflight safety issues.
Appointed to Director of Cabin Attendants Division in 2015.
Manage and coordinate oversea based crew as such as SHANGHAI, TAIWAN, HONG KONG, SINGAPORE, BANGKOK, LONDON, FRANKFURT for their operating flight.
Provide feedback from passenger and lead / instruct them to keep JAL’s service standards as of now.

■Seminar date
2020/2/12 (Wed.) 10:00-16:00

Frontier Research in Applied Sciences Building, 2nd Floor Seminar Room #2

Hokkaido University international graduate students and postdocs

By 2/5 (Wed.)

■Max participants

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