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I-HoP:Research opportunities outside academic institutions(11/6)

Transferable Skills Seminar – I-HoP:Research opportunities outside academic institutions(11/6)

This transferable skills seminar is targeted international researchers (DC, PD and MC).
Seminar will be conducted in English.

■ Outline
Research in Industry: What are my options? Pharma, Biotech/Startup, or CROs
-A review/discussion of the different non-academic options to pursue a scientific career and their different opportunities.

Pros and Cons of each options
-Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each non-academic options in term of the probability to find a position, salary, benefits, and other incentives.

Importance of Networking
-Highlight the importance of networking and how to build a valuable/credible network.

My personal Journey
-Present my personal story from transitioning from academia to industry as well as the progression of my career

Advices and Tips
-Share a short list of take home messages that can be helpful for making a transition from academia to industry

■ Seminar date
11/6 (Fri.) 9:00-10:30 (JST) Online
*Live from the USA

■ Lecturer
Principal & Owner /JP Therrien Consulting LLC, Davidson NC

With more than 20 years of experience in skin biology with 11 years in dermal product development for both prescription (Rx) and consumer health (Cx) products, JP is recognized nationally and internationally as innovative leader in the field dermal drug development. JP has extensive background in, molecular and cellular biology, skin biology and skin diseases research, photobiology, skin aging, stem cell and cancer stem cell biology, virology, gene therapy, topical drug delivery, early safety screening (drug toxicity), drug activity assessment, reconstructed skin models, ex vivo skin culture, cell-based assay and animal model development where his work has been extensively published in high-impact journals, scientific presentations, patent applications, and sale aids. JP has proven successful experience and results building skin biology labs and team to support dermal product development.

Before embarking his new journey as consultant, JP was Vice-President of Skin Biology for Contract Research Organizations (CROs) specialized in topical drug development. Prior working for CROs, JP was Director of Skin Biology with the Dermatology Therapeutic Area at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), previously Stiefel. JP also spent 6 years at the National Cancer Institute/National Institute of Health on the Dermatology Branch as Post-Doctoral and Research fellow working on human skin gene therapy before joining the industry. JP received a B.S. in Biochemistry from University of Sherbrooke (Quebec, Canada) and Ph.D. in Molecular & Cellular Biology/Photobiology from Laval University (Quebec, Canada). JP is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Society of Investigative Dermatology.

■ Target
DC,PD and MC

■ Application
By 10/23 (Fri.)

■ Maximum number of participants

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Click on the following banner, then click “Apply” on the bottom of the page.

*You need to be registered on Hi-Systemv in advance.
If you are not, please go to Hi-System page in Front Office for Human Resource Education and Development homepage and register in Hi-System.
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