Event Information

I-HoP : Japanese Manners for the Recruitment (11/9)

Transferable Skills Seminar – Japanese Manners for the Recruitment (11/9) –

This transferable skills seminar is targeted for international researchers (DC, PD).
Seminar will be conducted in English.

■ Contents
*During the seminar, exercises including pair work are planned.
Participants will be requested to set their camera on during the seminar.

1. Orientation
– Introduction of training objectives and program
– Toward smooth communication through online training

2. First Impression
– What is hospitality? ~How to express hospitality~
– Importance of First Impression

3. Interview Exercise
– Exercises are planned.

■ Lecturer
Ms. Inami Sumiko
Excusive lecturer / ANA Business Solutions Co.,Ltd.

■ Seminar date
11/9(Tue.) 15:00-17:30 Online (zoom)

■ Target
Hokkaido University international graduate school students and postdocs.

■ Registration
By 10/29(Fri.) 16:00

■ Maximum number of participants

■How to apply from Hi-System
Click on the following banner, then click “Apply” on the bottom of the page.

*You need to be registered on Hi-System in advance.
If you are not, please go to Hi-System page in Front Office for Human Resource Education and Development homepage and register in Hi-System.
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