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I-HoP : Personal story from PhD to postdoc in the Netherlands (2/7)

Transferable Skills Seminar – Personal story from Ph.D. to postdoc in the Netherlands (2/7)

This transferable skills seminar is targeted Hokkaido University current DC, PD and MC. Seminar will be conducted in English.

This is the alumni lecture & discussion from the Netherlands!!
The lecturer, Jie Li, PhD gave a message as follows.
Do not miss this special opportunity to hear his lecture.

“I will give a presentation about my personal story from pursuing PhD at Hokkaido University to being a postdoc researcher in the Netherlands, especially my experience of finding a research position in Europe. I will share with you when I started job hunting, where I searched for job openings, how to get my documents shortlisted and succeed at interview, and some tips and advice for graduate students who would like to take a similar career path.”

■ Outline
1. My career path and personal story
2. Steps to finding a postdoc position abroad
3. Take-home message and pointers for graduate students who plan to find a research position abroad after graduation
4. Q&A session

■ Seminar date
2/7(Mon.) 16:00-17:00 (JST) Online
*Live from the Netherlands

■ Lecturer
Jie Li, PhD
Postdoc Researcher, Computational Science Lab
Informatics Institute, University of Amsterdam

2012 BEng, Information Engineering, Fuyang Normal University
2015 MEng, Biomedical Engineering, Shenzhen University
2021 PhD, Media and Network Technologies, Hokkaido University
2021-present, Postdoc Researcher, University of Amsterdam

Jie Li, PhD, is a postdoc researcher at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, fascinated with a wide range of topics, from disentangling the complexity of ecosystems to unveiling causative mechanisms and biomarkers of human diseases using network sciences, from collective behavior in nature to how a complex system does really work. Dr. Li received his bachelor’s degree of engineering at Fuyang Normal University and master’s degree in biomedical engineering three years later at Shenzhen University, in China. In 2018, he started to pursue his PhD in information science at Hokkaido University where his study was centered on complex network modeling and its applications in ecosystems. As a PhD student at Hokkaido University, he was selected among five doctoral students through the I-HoP program to visit Research Triangle Park, NC, USA and to give presentations about his research and exchange ideas with scientists and researchers in industry. Prior to coming to Hokkaido University, he had three-year industrial experience as a software engineer in telecommunication and AI companies.

After he obtained his PhD, Dr. Li joined the Computational Science Lab at Informatics Institute, University of Amsterdam. Now he is working on multilayer and multiplex human disease networks as a part of an EU-funded project “TO_AITION” (https://www.to-aition.eu), and his current research interests lie primarily in information-theoretic causality inference and higher-order interaction networks.

■ Target
Hokkaido University DC,PD and MC

■ Registration
By 2/2 (Wed.) 16:00

■ Maximum number of participants

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