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I-HoP : CAREER LINK MEETUP 2022 -For international DCs and PDs-

I-HoP : CAREER LINK MEETUP 2022 -For international DCs and PDs-

I-Hop will provide international doctoral course students and postdocs the special opportunity to meet up with Japanese companies who are willing to hire international talents in ENGLISH.
In Japan, most of the companies require their applicants to have high level Japanese language proficiency .
To prepare for the job-hunting in Japan, the first recommendation is still learning Japanese and get the certificate of N1 level on JLPT.

However, some companies do not require Japanese language in the application step.
I-HoP will invite some of those companies and provide you of the opportunity to meet and talk online with their representatives.
Do not miss this annual opportunity! We look forward to your application.

■ Date and time
November 22 (Tue.) Noon to the evening.

*Detailed timetable will be announced to the participants.

■ Participating Companies (As of Sep.30 )
-Accenture Japan Ltd
-AWL, Inc.
-Rakuten Mobile, Inc.
-ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
-Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd.
-Shiseido Company, Limited
-Sony Corporation


■ Place
Online (Zoom)

■ Target and Eligible
Hokkaido University current international doctoral course students and postdocs (As of Oct and Nov. 2022) those who can communicate in English and will be able to meet the following preparation schedule:

-Oct. 20 4:00pm (Thu.) :
Deadline for application through Hi-System (Submit designated “Motivation letter” form by Oct.21 noon)
-Oct. 21 (Fri.) noon :
Deadline for “Motivation letter” form submission
-Oct. 24 (Mon.) :
Notification for the result of the document screening
-Oct. 28 (Fri.) 15:00 :
Deadline for the drafts of “presentation slide” submission
-Oct. 31 (Mon.) afternoon :
Presentation rehearsal & Orientation (online) *All participants will be required to attend.
-Nov. 4 (Fri.) : Deadline for the revised presentation slide submission (Only who would like to be checked again)
-Nov.14 (Mon.): Deadline for the final version of the presentation slides submission
-Nov 22 (Tue.) noon to the evening : CAREER LINK MEETUP!

■ How to apply
Complete both 2 steps as follows:
Step 1. Apply from Hi-System by Oct. 20 (Thu.) 4:00pm
Step 2. Upload the “Motivation letter” on Hi-System by Oct.21 (Fri.) noon
*The “Motivation letter” form will be sent by email to those who completed step 1.
*The result of document screening will be notified by Oct.24(Mon.)

■ Maximum number of participants

■How to apply from Hi-System
Click on the following banner, then click “Apply” on the bottom of the page.

*You need to be registered on Hi-System in advance.
If you are not, please go to Hi-System page in Front Office for Human Resource Education and Development homepage and register in Hi-System.
:For more details